WOC 2014
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TRENTINO_VENETO 5th - 12th JULY 2014
Italy 2014 General Organizing Committee
Chairman GianPietro Mazzeni gianpietro.mazzeni@woc2014.info

Vice Chairman Roberto Sartori roberto.sartori@woc2014.info

Members Augusto Cavazzani augusto.cavazzani@woc2014.info
  Roberta Falda roberta.falda@woc2014.info
  Angelo Frighetto angelo.frighetto@woc2014.info
  Leonardo Longhi leonardo.longhi@woc2014.info
  Sergio Grifoni sergio.grifoni@woc2014.info

Event Manager Stefano Ravelli stefano.ravelli@woc2014.info

WOC Event Director Janos Manarin janos.manarin@woc2014.info

WTOC Event Director Roberta Falda roberta.falda@woc2014.info

Five Days of Italy Event Director Angelo Frighetto angelo.frighetto@woc2014.info

IOF Congress Coordinator Maria Silvia Viti mariasilvia.viti@woc2014.info

Sustainability and School Manager Nicola Galvan nicola.galvan@woc2014.info

Training Camps Manager Cosimo Guasina cosimo.guasina@woc2014.info

Press Office Manager Mario Facchini mario.facchini@woc2014.info

Event Controllers
WOC IOF Senior Event Advisor Björn Personn (SWE)

WOC IOF Assistant SEA Jørn Sundby (NOR)

WOC FISO National Controller Francesco Giandomenico

WTOC IOF Event Advisor Lennart Wahlgren (SWE)

WTOC FISO National Controller Giuliano Michelotti

Italy 2014 General Organizing Committee
c/o APT Valsugana Villa Sissi - Loc. Parco, 3
38056 Levico Terme - Trento - Italy
C.F./P.Iva 02244210221

Fax +39 0461 706561
Websites:  www.woc2014.info - www.wtoc2014.info
email: info@woc2014.info - info@wtoc2014.info

Organizing Committee WOC-WTOC 2014
c/o APT Valsugana Villa Sissi - Loc. Parco, 3 - 38056 Levico Terme - Trento - Italy
Phone +39 0461 727700 - info@woc2014.info - info@wtoc2014.info
P.iva 02244210221

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